Playing With Heart Foundation

The PWHF Funding Model

The Playing with Heart Foundation raises money and in-kind contributions from corporate and individual donations, and in turn, appoints youth athletes for participation in affiliate sport clubs of PWHF. Ninety-Seven Percent (97%) of all money raised is used to fund PWHF's ongoing projects and programs. The remaining 3% is used to support operational expenses for the foundation. Individual donors receive acknowledgement for their support, which in most cases is tax deductible. PWHF provides its Corporate donors with advertising opportunities, ranging from logo placement on the jerseys and appropriate equipment of its affiliate clubs, to sponsorship of the athletic fields that PWHF helps develop and maintain for its affiliate clubs.

Affiliate Clubs

Affiliate athletic clubs of the Playing With Heart Foundation must meet strict criteria designed to ensure an optimal and sustained development environment for the youth athletes. The selection criteria requires that 80% of the coaching staff be benefited employees of the club, are in good standing with their professional associations, and comply with financial guidelines which assure long-term solvency. The Affiliate clubs are also required to provide volunteers to help PWHF complete its various projects and programs that benefit the youth athletes.


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mission & vision:

Enabling gifted athletes to receive sustained training in professional environments based on talent & heart. Removing financial affordability as a barrier for participation.


 3/14 PWHF Established as 501c3

 6/14 First FREE Soccer Clinic held.

 7/14 Partnership with Dallas Roma F.C.         

 9/14 First Athletic Field project begins

12/14  First 4v4 Futsal League Conducted

Enabling Gifted Athletes by Removing Financial Barriers

the Playing with Heart Foundation 

The Playing with Heart Foundation, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is a non-profit 501c3 organization. Founded in 2014, its purpose is to transform youth athletics in the United States, enabling gifted athletes to receive sustained training in professional development environments based on their talents and "heart"; and remove financial affordability as a barrier for participation.



The Problem

In the United States, a disturbing trend is emerging in many youth sports: access to professional development environments for youth athletics is becoming a significant financial challenge for many families. As a result, the demographic of players is increasingly shifting to families of means. Gifted youth athletes are not always able to afford the professional development club fees, and as a result, are left with recreational and municipal sports as their only path to further develop their skills. The net result is a pool of well-trained athletes who are on track to receive college scholarships and build international athletic careers, but which represent only a fraction of the United States’ population and increasingly dominated by families with the highest household incomes.